Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching provides the physical and mental space for senior leaders and managers to identify specific challenges.

It addresses the steps that are needed to transform the situation. With the guidance of an experienced executive coach, it is possible to gain clarity and develop an effective strategy.

Taking time away from the constant distractions enables senior leaders to focus on effective ways to resolve problems and overcome barriers.

With executive coaching, you can become more resourceful and adept when equipping your team for the Future of Work.

Executive Coaching – What to expect

I will invite you to bring your own goals to the table, as I honour you as the expert in your life.

The coaching journey may lead us in an unforeseen direction, but you will always be in control. Even if it feels that you have no idea where to start, I know you have the inner resources to drive positive change.

My approach is to clarify what you want to achieve, to challenge when statements don’t align and to encourage your formulation of solutions and strategies.

The confidential coaching environment ensures that honest, open discussions can be aired, without judgement.

Developing Business Leaders

I have considerable experience in developing business leaders across all business sectors and functions. From kickstarter to global corporations, my executive coaching skills enable leaders to think and behave in ways which fulfil their ambitions and have a positive impact on the team and company.

Expect me to ask questions that you’ve never been presented with before, to enquire about your thought processes, behaviours and underpinning values. This approach is designed to build self -awareness and foster confidence.

Our ultimate aim is for you to be empowered to realise your potential.

Executive Coaching Sessions

With global clients, my executive coaching sessions are conducted via Skype at a mutually convenient time.

This all starts with the completion of my online enquiry form. I’ll get in touch for an initial conversation.

The coaching relationship is built on two-way trust, that works for you and can open and honest; during our initial conversation we will decide if we have the necessary synergy to work together. If so, we’ll take it from there.

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