HR Consultancy for the Future Of Work

Helping you prepare for the Future of Work

The Future of Work has been described as the next Industrial Revolution, with rapid change altering every industry. How will new technology, Artificial Intelligence, robotics and chatbots impact your workforce and operations? Are you prepared to harness four generations in the workplace? Have you spotted global opportunities and can you adapt if a disruptive challenger emerges?

My HR consultation is designed to help individuals and organisations to prepare for the Future of Work. Get ready to prioritise workforce and/or investment strategies and ask the questions that deliver the answers that matter. We can’t foresee what’s in store, but we can gain personal insight that equips us for change.

With expertise as a senior, global HR leader, predominately in the IT industry, I understand the importance of helping businesses to remain relevant and ahead of the competition.

Adapting To Change

In order for businesses to thrive, processes relating to recruitment, training and organisational structure have to adapt. The key is to clarify what lies at the core of your business.

 – What specialism and strengths will enable your company to remain relevant and compete successfully in a global market?
– How can you build around this core in order to ensure that processes and people are adaptable?
– What factors are helping or hindering the future development of your organisation?

My strategic HR Consultation is designed to support leaders. I help you to embrace the opportunities and be confidently equipped for solving future challenges.

HR Consultancy Services

Preparing organisations for the Future of Work through:

 – Senior HR Consultation
 – Executive Coaching
 – Design Thinking for Cultural Change
 – Trust Workshops
 – Diversity Workshops
 – Train the Trainers Coaching Workshops

In every industry, technology is driving interconnectivity. As individuals, we also need to embrace the idea of working in a cross-departmental and cross-cultural way.

With my executive coaching and leadership workshops, you will be guided to develop the necessary strategies to manage personal and organisational change.

About Rachel

My executive coaching skills have inspired positive change within start-ups, fast-growing acquisition businesses and established blue-chip corporations.

My approach to executive coaching draws on a wealth of experience across all business functions. I bring first-hand experience of leading, managing and coaching many talented people, both regionally and globally.

No two coaching experiences are the same. This diversity has ensured that I invest in continuous personal development in order to provide the best possible service. As such, I have personally benefited from the guidance of leading executive coaches.

Although this was not always a comfortable experience, I’ve learned how valuable it was in realising my potential, overcoming barriers and developing my own leadership skills.

Moore’s Law

The world has been experiencing a digital revolution for over 50 years and, as predicted by Intel’s founder, Gordon Moore, the rate of change has grown exponentially.

He couldn’t have realised the impact that technology would have on our lives, any more than we can predict what the next 50 years will bring.

Change is the only thing we can be certain of.

There is evidence to show that superior outcomes can be achieved when digital is operationalised and integrated with creative thinking.

My HR Consultancy will help your company understand where the human mind will add the greatest value.

We’ll address your future workforce and how to attract individuals with the necessary skillset.

If you are open to the possibilities that the future will bring and ready to shape the future, simply complete my online enquiry form below.

I’ll get in touch for an initial conversation and we’ll agree on the first steps forward.

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