About Rachel Dempers

About Rachel

My purpose is to enable leaders and businesses to be more thoughtful, informed and prepared for their future, so they can succeed and thrive.

I am a strong collaborator, pragmatic and I am known for bringing calm to chaos. If we join forces, I know we can affect positive change.

I am driven by a desire to equip individuals and companies with the tools to optimise their potential, but what qualifies me to offer executive coaching and HR consultancy services? 

Senior HR Consultant and Executive Coach

I have over 20 years of HR and coaching experience, working with senior leaders in fast-paced and highly matrixed environments. I have supported many C-suite leaders and their teams, providing successful development and executive coaching solutions. My executive coaching skills have inspired positive change within start-ups, fast-growing acquisition businesses and established blue-chip corporations.

My approach to executive coaching draws on a wealth of experience across all business functions. I bring first-hand experience of leading, managing and coaching many talented people, both regionally and globally.

No two coaching experiences are the same. This diversity has ensured that I invest in continuous personal development in order to provide the best possible service. As such, I have personally benefited from the guidance of leading executive coaches. Although this was not always a comfortable experience, I’ve learned how valuable it was in realising my potential, overcoming barriers and developing my own leadership skills.

Prepared for the Future of Work

Senior leadership is an incredibly taxing role. It may seem impossible to justify time out of the busy schedule, where you are faced with relentless demands. I can assure you that executive coaching and HR consultancy will pay dividends; providing invaluable time to focus on you, your team and your organisation’s development.

No matter how successful you have been to date, it is essential to keep your skills relevant and your company buoyant in a rapidly changing world. If your organisation isn’t prioritising the Future of Work, be sure that there’s a disruptive entity that is. What will your customers want and what are you putting in place to provide it?

I build on the concept that changes can be made, regardless of how challenging a situation may be. With the right guidance, we all have the capacity to action personal and organisational change.

“I have had the privilege of receiving coaching from Rachel which has truly transformed both myself on a personal level and the direction and growth of my business.”

“Rachel is highly skilled at asking the right, probing questions in a patient, kind and non-judgemental manner. She creates a safe and confidential environment to fully explore decisions, ideas and plans, ensuring that I have looked at and considered every aspect and possible outcome.”

” It’s clearly evident that Rachel is experienced in leadership and bringing out the best in people. ”

Helen Pettifer, Helen Pettifer Training

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